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Mike Walsh. The people's champion

Mike Walsh LOC.jpg
A drawing of New York politician Mike Walsh

Death of George Shifler. Born Jan 24 1825 murdered May 6, 1844 in Kensington

George Schiffler LOC.jpg
A depiction of nativist George Schiffler dying after being shot

Burning of the nunnery or schoolhouse

A depiction of the burning down of a convent during the 1844 Philadelphia Riots

Philadelphia Bible Riots

Philadelphia Riots.jpg
A drawing depicting the 1844 Philadelphia Riots

Caricature of Irish in public schools

Monkey Educators.jpg
A racist political cartoon depicting Catholic educators as monkeys

Boston: "Popery undermining free schools"

Pope in America.jpg
An anti-catholic political cartoon depicting the Pope as controlling American public schools


Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 8.19.23 AM.png
A newspaper clipping with election results from the 1844 NYC Mayoral Election

James Harper Esq.

James Harper LOC.jpg
A drawing of nativist NYC mayor, James Harper

U.S. Xenophobia: Irish and German immigrants stealing ballot box

Irish Ballot Box.jpg
A racist political cartoon depicting an Irish and German immigrant stealing a ballot box