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John Tyler / G.P.A. Healy, pinx't.

Half-length portrait, facing right.

Philadelphia riots of 1844

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Depiction of the destruction of the St. Augustine Church in the 1844 Philadelphia Nativist riots, from “A Full and Complete Account of the Late Awful Riots in Philadelphia,”

"A little more grape Capt. Bragg" - General Taylor at the Battle of Buena Vista, Feby 23d, 1847 [graphic]

mexican american war battle.jpg
Print shows General Zachary Taylor on horseback, in midst of battle, pointing his sword toward artillery and says to "Capt. Bragg", who is standing before him, "A little more grape." The artillery is directed toward the left and the Mexican army is…

"Am I Not a Man and a Brother?"

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A powerful image symbolizing the anti-slavery philosophy that every human being was entitled to eternal principles of respect and natural rights. Official Image of British Anti-Slavery.

"Let every one take care of himself" (As the Jack ass said when he was dancing among the chickens)

A satire attacking Andrew Jackson's plan to distribute treasury funds, formerly kept in the Bank of the United States, among "branch banks" in various states. The artist also alleges Vice-President Van Buren's manipulation of administration fiscal…

"The Lowell Offering" Masterhead

Masterhead of "The Lowell Offering"

"The Turn Out at Lowell" article from the Boston Evening Transcript

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A scan from the article, "The Turn Out at Lowell" that describes the women who participated in the strike against the wage drop proposed by Mill owners in 1834.

"The Voice of Industry"

Mill girl run labor reform newspaper

“The American River Ganges,” by Thomas Nast.

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The caricature depicts Roman Catholic clergy as crocodiles attacking American children and schools.