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Nat Turner's Slave Revolt

An illustration of various scenes depicting Nat Turner's slave revolt against their masters.

Biblical View of Slavery

New York paper outlines slavery as a necessary evil in the eyes of God.

American Slavery Justified Advertisement

Reverend Samuel Seabury published a sermon in a New York newspaper claiming slavery properly adhered to religious law.

Whig harmony

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Politcal Cartoon depicting the Whig party leading the white house astray

Slaves Weighing Cotton

A photo taken of slaves weighing cotton at a Virginia station that was published in Detroit.

National Wealth Through 1810

A bar graph showing the evolution of domestic wealth sources from 1770 to 1810.

Slave Paddle Whipping

Slave Whipping.jpg
A man whips his slave while children observe, a common practice on plantations.

Slave Living Quarters

Slave Living Quarters.jpg
Slave living quarters near the Hermitage Plantation in Savannah, Georgia. Photographed in 1900.

John Brown Painting

Oil Painting by John Stuart