Women of the Anti-Slavery Movement

Women have been deeply involved in the Abolitionist movement since the beginning.  Many of these female abolitionists went on to be a part of the growing women's sufferage movement.  While these women were highly active, this does not mean that they were welcomed with open arms into public society.  This exhibit exhamines notable figures, such as Angelina Grimke and Lucretia Mott, women led organizations, conventions, correspondence, and the backlash that they faced.  For many women the fight against slavery was a moral one.  Religion, as well as political beliefs, influenced them to end the enslavement of human beings.  Though many had different agendas and ideas of how things should be done, all female abolitionists risked their status in society by being a part of any abolitionist organization. 

"To plead for the miserable can never be unfeminine"-Elizabeth Margaret Chandler, abolitionist