The Origin and Lasting Effect of The Transportation Revolution

From the steam ships of the great lakes to the rails of the west, this Project seeks to explore the Transportation Revolution in the United States and why it is so important to American history. As America pushed west so too did her need for infrastructure and more efficient forms of transportation for goods and people. Railways would become the driving force for the civilizing of these new uncharted lands, bringing with them the might of the American manufacturing of the coats and the spirit of Manifest Destiny. East of the Mississippi large public works projects are begun to build man made rivers known as canals. These engineering marvels would make it possible to travel by ship as far inland as Toledo in some cases changing the game when it came to both domestic and international trade. The steam ship itself would make these systems both efficient and predictable, the days of depending on sails and currents would become a thing of the past. The civilization of the west and the natural resources America would gain accesses to combined with the new ability for the manufactures in the east to move goods through both rail and river would pave the way for America’s ascension as a global superpower for decades if not centuries to come.