The Mexican American War

The Mexican American War was an early test for the ideals of Manifest Destiny and American expansion; what would happen when the young American Republican came up against another soverign nation? It would lay the ground work for an aggressive continental Imperialism of sorts in which American expanionist agendas would seldom be thwarted. 

But the war had a distincly unique feel for the American military. While America had fought on other nations soil - most notably, its incursions into Canada in the Revolutionary War - the Mexican American War was different. It was its first true foray into an ethnically and socially divergent culture. This brought it up against a nation unified in Catholicism, and in protecting its land - the gem of Texas.

The war seemed to embody the ideals of the Manifest Destiny in many ways, and the objects laid out in the exhibit will illustrate the Fronter living of the Army during the war. Letters of adventure, and bug-ridden hats - one must understand that Manifest Destiny first required settlement, and that meant living on the Frontier. 

The Mexican American War ended in a rousing victory for American forces, and the collection of a valuable piece of territory. It was just another step for the Expansionist Policy of the Young American Republic.