Annexation of Texas

Political cartoon against Texas annexation

Cartoon depicting negativity towards the Annexation of Texas

After almost a decade of being its own republic, Texas offically became part of the United States of America in December of 1845. Texans were overjoyed to be part of the United States, but there were many in the US that opposed this decision. This was because many were worried about not just the political balance in the government, but also what would happen with Mexico now that they had annexed the republic that had seceeded from them.

Now with the new laws as a state in the US, suffrage was only for white males over the age of 21.This further opressed the minorities of Texas, especially women since they can no longer own their own land under the new laws. Many minorities, such as Tejanos, African Americans, and Native Americans, did not benefit from this annexation. Many Native Americans were forced onto reservations as the US expanded more westward, taking the land from the Natives for the new citizens of Texas. African American population in Texas grew as most were slaves and there was plenty of land to cultivate. Since Texas prohibited free blacks in the state unless there was special permission, there were very few. Even Tejanos were heavily discriminated against in Texas. However, life was good for European immigrants who came because of the promise of land. Since they were white, they could gain citizenship and own land as well as vote. They settled into communities where their culture can still be seen today.5