The Second Seminole War

Map of Florida During Second Seminole War

Map of Florida During the Second Seminole War

A Seminole Warrior Attack

A Seminole Warrior Attack

The Second Seminole War started at the end of 1835.

In December, Seminole Warriors ambushed a group of troops outside of Fort King. General Wiley Thompson was among them. He was shot 14 times and then scalped by the indians, mostly the leader of the rebellion, Osceola. On that same day, 300 other Seminole Warriors ambushed Major Francis Dade along with his troops. This is known as Dade's Massacre and seen as the beginning of the war. 

Seminole Warriors would continue to launch surprise attacks on US troops. In 1837, the main leader of the rebellion Osceola, would be captured by the US forces. He was captured while negotiating what was a false truce with the troops. Osceola died under imprisonment in 1838. Despite this, the Seminoles kept fighting.

They would continue fighting until 1842. This year is the end of the Second Seminole War. The population of Seminoles had decreased substantially and they didn't have the numbers to keep fighting. They gave in to removal and were relocated to the land previously reserved for them in what is present day Oklahoma. 

Some other noted leaders of the Seminoles during this war are known as, Jumper, Alligator, Micanopy, Arpeika, Halleck Tustenuggee, and Coacoochee. They, however, are not credited with as much success as Osceola. 

Fun fact:

Many of the Seminoles used Spanish guns, which were actually more accurate and easier to reload than the guns used by the US troops.