Andrew Jackson's Political Career

The Inauguration of Andrew Jackson


Jackson first ran in the election of 1824, as the legislature planned to nominate him. He turned down the election of governor of his home state because he had higher aspirations for himself. Jackson’s rise in the political sphere during the election of 1824, was caused by four different reasons. First, the campaign was capable of capitalizing his legendary status as a military general and hero. Next, the people in North Carolina wanted to remove themselves from Virginia’s shadow, as the last 3 presidents were all from Virginia. Also, Jackson alleged his support on federal internal improvement projects, which won him the support of many and he also had a very indifferent and vague stance on tariffs.

In the election, Jackson won a plurality of the electoral vote as well as the popular vote, he even received more electoral vote than any other candidate but he was short of the true majority. This led to a contingent election in the House of Representatives, as no candidate won a majority of electoral votes. The other candidates were Henry Clay, John Quincy Adams, and William Crawford. Henry Clay was eliminated because he had the lowest electoral votes, and he focused on supporting Adams with his campaign. John Quincy Adams won the election with the support of Henry Clay, and many opponents believed they had struck a “corrupt bargain” since Adamas gave Clay the position of Secretary of State.

However, Jackson’s political career was far from over. He received the presidential nomination in 1825 by the Tennessee legislature, for the 1828 election. This unusually early nomination came from the amount of support he had during the election of 1824. The election had ended the one party system seen in the era of good feelings. The Jacksonian Democrats and Adam’s and the National Republicans became the two parties in politics. Jackson won the election of 1828, shortly after his wife Rachel Jackson died of a heart attack. He blamed Adams and his supporters for putting stress on her and attacking both her and himself with Adam’s campaign.