Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears Painting

The Trail of Tears was the forced relocation of over fifty thousand Indians. This inlcuded tribes such as the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek, and Choctaw, among other tribes. These Native Indians were upooted fom their homes, put into detainment camps, and then forced to march nealy one thousand miles from their homelands west of the Mississippi River to the land that was designated to be "Indian territory" in what would be present-day Oklahoma. 

Indian Removal

Over four thousand of the sixteen thousand Cherokee Indians lost their lives along the way, while three thousand five hundred of the fifteen thousand Creeks died, seven thousand Choctaws, about eight hundred Chickasaws, and seven hundred Seminoles died from dismal weather, disease, and exhaustion. The Cherokee Indians came to call this journey "Nunahi-Duna-Dlo-Hilu-I" which translates to "Trail Where They Cried", which was eventually was shorthanded to "Trail of Tears".