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Law in the Early American Republic


This exhibit will analyze the role that federal and state laws played during the first half of the 1800s, how it affected the United States, and the changes that took place in the laws during that time. 

There was a large shift in the way the law and government would work in the 1800s compared to the very begining of the United States and we will exlore all of the ways in which this happened and the people who affected it. This study of the interconnection of law and history is paramount to understanding the two better. These changes in thoughts would change the way the United States would continue to funtion and make changes in the future more difficult. Studying law during this time, how it was used, and how it relates to all of the other events that were taking place will help us better to understand how our nation came to be and how the Federal laws today were affected and can change.

The following are the ways we will show the changes during the 1800s in Law:

A Shift from Federal to State Power

The Role of the Market Revolution 

Changes in the Banking System

Federal Power under President Jackson

We will then review how these changes affected the United States after the first half of the 19th century when another shift in thought is taking place. 

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