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Anti-Slavery vs. Pro-Slavery Religion


The focus on this project is on the abolitionist movement of the 1820s to 1850s and how religion was used as a tool against and wielded against those who Americans wished to enslave. I will be referencing multiple sources but one you will know is David Walker's Appeal: In Four Articles. But the focus of this project is to discuss how faith has been used as a tool for and against Slavery and how that hurt and supported the abolitionist movement.

I think the most obvious example of those who supported racist values, while using the basis of christianity specifically is the Ku Klux Klan, even though their time came in the 1860s and beyond. Their foundation was laid in the years previous by racist southerners trying to combat anti-slavery religious groups.

The stark differences between the two sides, Anti-Slavery Religion and Pro-Slavery Religion, is real and it lies in how each side interpretated most specifically the bible. In my opinion religion was used as a scapegoat for those who supported slavery and was a facade that was an attempt to mask simple racist values. 

Further, this will also look at how abolitionists used the press as a source of fighting slavery and how that also helped their fight for emancipation.