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Change is Imperative


All living beings have rights that deserve to be defended and protected.  The members of groups that were formed to protect and support these minorities displayed the ambition and strength that a lot of Americans aspired to attain during this tumultuous period. In the Gilded Age, ensuring people’s rights was essential, but maintaining all living things rights is crucial to ensuring balance and growth in all aspects of life and society.   



"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute" Proverbs 31:8 

Children in Dire Need


In today's society, it is unfathomable to imagine sending a child off to work multiple hours to help contribute to the family expenses. The duties of children should be to attend school, acquire knowledge, and pursue further education ultimately leading to a solid life. They should be healthy, happy, and thriving. 

-In this exhibit, the audience can see squalor that children were forced to live and work in. -

Animals Have No Actual Voice


Unlike today, most animals were not kept as pets or seen as members of the family. Before activists became more abundant, it was common to see senseless acts of abuse and neglect toward an animal. There were various types of abuse that animals endured in the past that should have been criminalized. 


-In this exhibit, the types of misconduct against amimals are explored. It will be clear to the audience that there needed to be ways to prevent these acts of misconduct, and change could improve the lives for animals in the future. -

Initiatives are Here, There, and Everywhere


The effort to end the mistreatment of groups that could not fend for themselves was entirely widespread. From cities, to the states, and all across the globe there were dramatic transformations occurring. The notion that the defenseless were suffering was enough to commence action all over the world. 


-In this exihibit, there will be evidence shown that the change for the suppressed is imminent. Programs, groups, and movements proved to be successful at home and overseas. -

Sustaining the Vulnerable Simultaneously


One may assert the idea that an animals life has no comparison to the life of a child. Often, people disregard animals and their rights simply because they do not have humanistic qualities. There is a vast amount of similarities between animals and children. It is plausible to categorize the two as one group and coin it as the defenseless. 


-In this exhibit, the homogeneous characteristics of the two groups are taken into consideration and depicted. The groups and activists that formed were essential to amplify the efforts to help both animals and children at the same time. -

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