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This is the first page of a correspondence between Thomas Tingey and Charles Morris, two U.S. Navy officers, discussing the naval squadron preparing to leave for the Mediterranean to combat Barbary Pirates. Tingey praises the skill of Commodore…

This document outlines the expenses of the United States Navy for the year of 1805. It includes the construction of eight gunboats, part of a larger plan to grow the United States Navy.

Letter that discuss peace between the United States and the Barbary pirates. Discusses the liberation of slaves also details the amount paid to Algiers for peace.

Poem that depicts the sea battle between the USS Enterprise against the Barbary frigate the Tripoli. This battle resulted in the capture of the Tripoli by Sterret and his men.

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British account of the surrender of the CSS Shenandoah in Liverpool.

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This is a rebuilt model of the original U.S.S. Constitution. The U.S.S. Constitution was built in 1797 and served in both Barbary Wars. In the Second Barbary War, it participated in the capture of two Algerine vessels ("Constellation - A Stellar…
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