War of 1812


War of 1812

Items in the War of 1812 Collection

War of 1812 Battle Scene
A depiction of a battle scene in the War of 1812 between white frontiersmen and Native Americans.

War Club with Ball Head
A weapon used by XYZ (side) in the War of 1812

Letter from John Thorn to Joseph e. Smith on the War of 1812
Copy of a letter to Joseph E. Smith from John Thorn about the movement of US troops during the War of 1812 and rumors of the British troops burning Washington.

5000 American Seamen detained on board British vessels!
A news article describing the grievances of the US' Embargo Act.

Notification. The Freeholders and other Inhabitants
A notice calling a Boston town meeting to prepare a petition for ending the Embargo Act towards Spain and Portugal.

A scene on the frontiers as practiced by the "humane" British and their "worthy" allies
Depiction of a British officer paying a bounty to a Native American ally for the scalp of an American soldier during the War of 1812