Second Barbary War (1815-1816)


Second Barbary War (1815-1816)

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U.S. Squadron Before the City of Algiers
A sketch of Commodore Stephen Decatur's squadron anchored off the coast of the Port of Algiers in preparation to negotiate terms of peace.

After Decatur and his ships defeated several Algerine ships, he essentially blocked the port city of…

Series of Letters to the United States Senate from Commodore Stephen Decatur and Others, 1816
Commodore Stephen Decatur and several other naval officers sent a series of letters to Senator Charles Tait of Georgia between June and September 1815 in regards to Decatur's expedition to the Mediterranean.

Some of the events detailed in the…

"Treaty of Peace, Signed Algiers June 30 and July 3, 1815"
Commodore Stephen Decatur presented Algerine officials with terms for peace. The treaty ensured "a firm inviolable and universal peace and friendship between the...United States of America...and the Dey and Subjects of the Regency of Algiers in…

Commodore Stephen Decatur
Commodore Stephen Decatur was the leader of the United States Navy squadron which sailed into the Mediterranean and influenced the Barbary States to sign peace treaties with the United States and end the piracy of American shipping. His actions…

Algiers: Declaration of War and Its Causes
President James Madison made his case to Congress for military action in February 1815 in response to open acts of aggression by Algiers against American ships in the Mediterranean Sea and the capture of American sailors.

Madison noted that the…

Rais Hamidou (Algiers)
Rais Hamidou was a prominent Barbary pirate who captured many ships for Algiers. He was killed at the beginning of the naval battle with Commodore Decatur's squadron on 17 June 1815 by an American broadside. Hamidou's defeat was the beginning of the…

Map of North Africa and the Barbary States
An era map of Africa focused on the northern part of the continent. The Barbary states were strategically located on the Mediterranean Sea and harassed European and American shipping in the region.

Gunner John Lord’s Sea Bag
Clothing bag belonging to Gunner John Lord, USN. He was a sailor in Decatur's squadron and participated in combat against the Algerine Pirates. This is one of the sea bags he used to store his possessions on the voyage.

Gunner John Lord's Powder Horn
Gunner John Lord used this powder horn to load cannons in naval combat against Algerine Pirates in the Second Barbary War.

Letter Concerning the Threats of Piracy Along the Barbary Coast<br />
This letter details the troubles occurring along the Barbary Coast due to pirates. Written by US Consul Thomas Lear, it also details the Dey's refusal to negotiate with the United States.