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Historical memoir of the war in West Florida and Louisiana in 1814-15 : with an atlas

port bourbon map.png
This map shows the British forts and the American forts and shows that the American forts were on higher ground giving the advantage the Americans had in the battle of New Orleans. This map also gave insight to the name given to the port at the…

James Monroe

James Monroe.jpg
Print shows James Monroe, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly left; in oval.

John Adams to Benjamin Rush regarding railing against narrow, selfish spirit of parties and Napoleon

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This is a letter from John Adams to Benjamin Rush where he explains his concerns over the Louisiana land claim because of the French and Spanish and British animosity brewing and he is scared to become an ally of France. This shows the vulnerability…

"Mitchell Map"

Mitchell Map .jpg
The map that was highly regarded during the late 1790's which was used when creating the Ordinance line of 1797.

[Constitution and laws of the Cherokee nation]

cherokee constitution.jpg
Title page (cover) of the Constitution and laws of the Cherokee Nation published in Cherokee; with seal of the Cherokee Nation.

1657 map entitled La Floride

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This map shows the changes in the name of this region over time. It started off being referred to as Floride and then later became west Florida and Louisiana. This map was made by French cartographer Nicolas Sanson in 1657.