The History of the Southern Belle

During the late 18th century and early 19th century, southern women were expected to act in a certain manner and exemplify an image that would eventually be named the “Southern Belle.” For my project this semester, I have decided to research the idea of the “Southern Belle” and further divulge the details of their education and culture that helped create this image. During the antebellum period in the south, a women’s nature, and their appropriate social role became a matter of political concern all over the country. In the south, there was disagreement over a women’s role and the boundaries she may cross in the home and in society, regarding intelligence, education, and upholding “southern values”. However, a women’s need and presence in the home was certain at this time. Through research and representation in my digital research project, I plan to show that the creation, education, and cultural manifestation of the “Southern Belle” influenced the southern culture that would lead into the Civil War, including slavery. [1]