Women and Child labor

women labor workers

Women pressers, New York City via Google images

child labor

Child Labor, Pennsylvania, 1800s via Google images

Radio Factory-women in Labor

Radio Factory-women in Labor, New York City, via Google Images

Child Labor in large factories

Child Labor, Mollahan Mills, Newberry, South Carolina via Google images

As factories continued to spread, the misuse of its workers increased. The article, “The Labor Movement: Rights and Wrongs of Labor” states, “the misuse of labor hours by factories was protested by their men working in the factory,” which increased the use of women and children to cut costs becoming a common practice in factories all across the North. Children as young as four were used to do jobs men did and were paid only 10 to 20 percent of the wages men were paid. The factories exploited women also, but not to the same extent as children. “The Labor Movement: Rights and Wrongs of Labor” also stated that, “the exploitation of women and children was a driving force behind the lecture given by Mr. Benjamin J. Morrill on rights and wrongs of unions [while speaking] to several members of the house of carpenters association.”