Strikes and Unrest

Pullman strike

The Pullman Strike via Google images

tompkins square riot

The Tompkins square riot of 1874 via Google Images

railroad conflict

The Railroad Conflict via Google Images

The system that was implemented by the factory owners led to the unrest and strikes that followed. In 1791, carpenters in Philadelphia conducted the first strike in building trades in the United States. According to Flippelli, this led to “the first local union to conduct collective bargaining in Philadelphia in 1792.” As the union movement grew stronger, it spread across America leading to owners pushing back because of profit margins and hiring security to suppress the voice of workers demanding their rights. According to Foner, “this struggle between owners and workers resulted in strikes like the Textile strike of 1824 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, followed closely in 1825 by the Boston House Carpenter’s Strike. This spread to the 1835 Paterson textile strike in the silk mills in Paterson, New Jersey, which was in protest to 11-hour days and six day work weeks.”