Philadelphia textile factory

Philadelphia Textile Factory 1794 via Google images

miners strike

Miners Strike via Google images

The founding of labor unions in Pennsylvania started soon after the American Revolution with the recognizing of the “Federal Society of Journeymen Cordwainers in Philadelphia in 1794” as cited in the “Labor Conflict in the United States.” As the century turned from the 18th to the 19th, Pennsylvania— with Philadelphia in particular— continued to be a leading voice in the organized labor movement. For example, in theHistory of Labor Movements in the United States,” the “Mechanics’ Union of Trades’ Associations formed in Philadelphia in 1827, which led to the Workingmen’s Party in 1828.”  The union movement in Pennsylvania was strong throughout the state as evident by a group of  “workers at Albert Gallatin’s glassworks in New Geneva creating the first known profit sharing agreement between workers and the owner of the glassworks in America” according to the “History of Labor Movements in the United States.” Pennsylvania was one of the founding states in America for the forming of organized labor and the reforms that these unions fought for and won in this country.