Territory of Michigan V. State of Ohio

Often overlooked in U.S history classes is at the same time in which the Union was being divided by the issue of slavery was the terriroty of Michigan and the state of Ohio almost fighting a war over a dispute in where the border line between the two states lies. Michigan had all of the eggs in its basket by having support from past Presidents like John Quincy Adams and legal claims to the land from the Northwest Ordiance Act, it was still not enough to overcome the politics of America. President Jackson was more worried about having Ohio vote Democrat in the next election, that he took away Michigan's legal claim to the Toledo Strip. The federal response was very little to the "war" and the federal government forced Michigan into giving up their legal lands to a state. This project will focus on the histroy of the war, what led to it, the federal response, and the end result to the whole issue. Even today we say everything is political, and back in 1835, that was the case too, just with borders.


Aaron Humphrey