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Union to Disunion

James K. Polk

Oregon territory

Bill passed when the United States acquired the Oregon Territory, one of the driving goals of Polk's presidency.

jimmy polk

James K. Polk, President of the United States 1845-1849.

While Andrew Jackson was an expansionist and his Indian Removal Act was incredibly influential in fulfilling the Manifest Destiny, it was his protege, Democratic president James K. Polk, who built his campaign around this idea of Manifest Destiny. Not only was Polk concerned over acquiring the Oregon territory (his camapaign slogan "54'40 or fight" made it clear that he was a proponent of Manifest Destiny), but he was also crucial in acquiring Texas, igniting an easily-won war with Mexico that gave the United States not only Texas with their preferred borders, but also much more territory in the Southwest, including Arizona and California. By 1849, around the same time as Polk's death, the Manifest Destiny was near complete and the United States of America controlled land from sea to shining sea.