How the Barbary Wars Shaped US Diplomacy Overseas

Examining the role that the Barbary Wars played on shaping US diplomatic and military policy overseas.

The Barbary Wars were a series of conflicts between US forces and the rulers of North African sovereignties including Triopli and Algiers. The wars stand as an early example of US naval warfare, and how the US came to exert her presence in the old world. 

This exhibit examines the Barbary Wars by breaking down four different distinct periods within the timeframe of the conflict. In "Leading Up to the First Barbary War" it delves into historical context, and how the US came to face an issue with Barbary states. From there we move into the the wars themselves which provide an idea of what early US military engagements with non-European powers would look like. Finally, it is discussed the aftermath these skirmishes left in their wake, and the historical parallels to the modern US.