Anti-Mason Movement

Anti- Masonic Almanac

The Anti-Mason Almanac was a book put out almost every year during the Anti-Mason era. It often speculated on what Masons were involved in and how to prevent masons from reaching power. 

After Morgan’s death, the Anti-masonic movement took off. This party was formed in direct opposition to the Freemasons. The Anti-mason party was mostly made up of blue collar hard working Americas that felt the Freemasons were elitist. They also thought that Freemasons opposed free speech and religious freedoms. The Anti-masons grew very fast and were committed to their cause. Soon they had newspapers and books and various other forms of communication to help they fight back against the masons. In many states, the Anti-mason party was small or did not have any member at all, but in states like New York and Massachusetts it was the primary rival to the democratic Party. The Anti-mason party had a short shelf life however. By the late 1830 the party was absorbed into the Whig party. The Anti-masons did not last long mostly because they failed to grow in most states. With little support coming from any states other than those in new England it was hard to oppose the freemasons and the democratic party. The other issue at hand is much like today is they knew very little of what the freemasons stood for and planned to do. The Anti-masonic almanac changes its perspective on mason almost every year. It becomes extremely hard to stand against someone when you truly don’t know what they stand for. To this day there is a small group of people that believe freemasons are corrupt and one day will take over the United States goverment. They have very little to stand on because it has been decades since anyone in wasington Dc has openly admitted to being apart of the Freemasons.