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Freemasonry is still around in today’s America. However, over the last 40 years the number of member has dropped by almost 50%. In many ways masonry does not fit well in a civilized 21st century country. It relies on secrets and word of mouth and in a world where all information is communicated via technology that poses some problems. Some chapters have even gone as far to make websites for their chapter in hopes to help recruit new members and provided what they feel is the correct information about masonry. Even with the modern age of technology scholars and historians struggle to find new and insightful information about masonry. Freemason have been around for hundreds of years and will mostly likely continue to be around for hundred more even if it’s only in the shadows. Masonry seems like some Hollywood drawn up cult for Nicolas Cage to battle as he looks for hidden treasure. When in reality masonry is very real and so are its secrets. In an age where almost all information is available at your fingertips it is shocking that creditable information about masons is almost impossible to find. Maybe this is because masonry takes its organization and secrets very seriously, and will go to great lengths in order to protect them.