Early Freemasons

Masonic Lodge in Boston, MA

One of the earliest lodges built in the US was the Masonic Lodge in Boston 

No one can say for certain when the Freemason order originated. The earliest document that mentions masonry is the Regius Poem which was printed in 1390. What is more agreed on is that in 1717 the Grand Lodge in England was formed, the first of its kind in the world. In 1725 Ireland built a Lodge of their own and Scotland followed in 1736. Many other lodges have since been formed, but all trace their roots back to the lodges in the British Isles. 

The second theory of how the freemasons and lodges got their start comes from the late 16th century. The Freemason group was designed to help create a better man and in turn would create a better world. They saw this to be necessary due to the great religious and political intolerance that lead to the oppression of many people during this time period. The main source of teachings came from the Bible, because it was widely known and understood even to those that could not read. The Bible was used in many ways by the masons, it was the main source for many of their allegory, it also played a role in many of the mason’s rituals. The masons then used the old trade guilds in order to set up a form of government within the lodges in order to keep order and promote the mason’s teachings and future.