Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears

President Andrew Jackson was elected in 1828 when he defeated National Republican, John Quincy Adams in an ugly election. Coming out victorious Andrew Jackson's ideas of what America should strive to be slowly became a reality. 

It is well known that Andrew Jackson, before and during his presidency, from 1829 to 1837, was a man on a mission; securing more land for our nation was one of his main goals. Jackson's idea of "Manifest Destiny" played a major role in our nation's history. It is fair to say that without our "land grab", our nation may not be the powerhouse that many consider it to be today.

In 1838 Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy came to be in effect, a policy poised to set our nation up for expansion. The Indian removal act forced the Cherokee and other Indian tribes to abandon their lands east of the Mississippi River and to migrate elsewhere. Although they were not the only ones to muttle through this harsh time, the Cherokee nation coined the journey as the "Trail of Tears".