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Ways of teaching children to understand, write, and speak the Latin tongue : but specially purposed for the private bringing up of youth in gentlemen and noble mens houses.
158 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm

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The 1574 edition of Vita del Prencipe Don Ferrando Gonzaga -
a biography of Ferrando Gonzaga (or Ferrante Gonzaga), presented in three parts.
Translated title: [Life of the Prince Don Ferrando Gonzaga. In Three Separate Books]

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A book written by Jean Scohier in French detailing heraldry as well as a manual on the correct handling of arms.

English Translation: "The art of riding: taken in its true principles, followed by a new method for the mouthpieces of horses, and an abridged knowledge of the principal diseases to which they are subject, as well as the treatment proper to them."

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Read in the chapel of Harvard College in Cambridge, N.E., November 26th 1755 on occasion of the great earthquake which shook New-England the week before

Written on the discussion of the role of women in society. The author, Lord David Chambers of Ormond, was a supporter of Queen Mary I. Lord Chambers writes his ideas about how he supported the idea that a woman should be able to inherit the throne…

An encyclopedic understanding of flora native to Great Britain and some understanding of exotic flora with added Anglicized common names. Early catalog of American trees and seeds in the 18th century.

A collection of all 13 published works by the English poet Thomas Gray, a popular literary figure of the eighteenth century. Also included is a short account of the author's life, his last will and testament, and an ode to the memory of Mr. Gray.…
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