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Chinese man with long queue lounges in a boat smoking opium, while fishing with his queue.

Color postcard that depicts a Chinese man carrying a laundry bag. Behind him, two children have attached a firework to his long queue and have lit it on fire.

Cartoon depicts the Church, the Republican Party, and the Chinese as unwanted elements.

Grover Cleveland caricatured as a fat Chinese Buddha, to whom people pay homage and sacrifice. Prosperity, pension and civil service reform , etc. are being sacrificed.

This postcard depicts an Asian man doing laundry.

C.T. Raynolds and Cos. patnent bluing bag is the best
Description: This is a trade card with a color drawing of a smiling white woman pouring a bluing bag in water as a smiling Chinese man with a single long braid watches. This is an advertisement…

Cartoon depicts Chinese immigrants entering the country and being hired by Americans, and being taken away on a horse drawn cart to their new job.

This is a trade card with a color drawing of a large-headed, male, Chinese baby who is holding chopsticks in one hand and a large platter in the other. Next to the boy there is a cat catching a rat. This is an advertisement for The Hartford Sewing…

This is a postcard that depicts the evolution of laundry tub and washboard into a Chinese man.

He’s a Yellow Peril Chink of surprising versatility.
And he stole into our country with astonishing facility;
He’ll washee-washee shirtee for the Melican Gentility
And sit with girls in Sunday School in studious humility.
Ah Sin’s the…
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