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Chinese man with long queue lounges in a boat smoking opium, while fishing with his queue.

The House Beautiful
The CHI-NAMEL Chinks will convert old carpeted floors into beautiful hardwood effects.
They will renew and beautify every piece of furniture, bric-a-brac, etc. Little expense. Little trouble.
Description: Color postcard that…

C.T. Raynolds and Cos. patnent bluing bag is the best
Description: This is a trade card with a color drawing of a smiling white woman pouring a bluing bag in water as a smiling Chinese man with a single long braid watches. This is an advertisement…

Heathen Barometer
Hang Outside
If tail is dry,- Fair
If tail is wet,- Rain
It tail is swinging,- Wind
If tail is frozen,- Cold

Furthur Information on Request.
Apply To--
Description: This is a black and white postcard that…

The celluloid corset clasps. Side and dress steels, warranted not to rust
Description: This is a trade card depicting two Chinese men holding up corsets while another Chinese man has his hands in a wash basin in the back. The Chinese men are showing…

different ethnic groups in America raising a wall made of bricks named after reasons Chinease were not accepted

He’s a Yellow Peril Chink of surprising versatility.
And he stole into our country with astonishing facility;
He’ll washee-washee shirtee for the Melican Gentility
And sit with girls in Sunday School in studious humility.
Ah Sin’s the…

Grover Cleveland caricatured as a fat Chinese Buddha, to whom people pay homage and sacrifice. Prosperity, pension and civil service reform , etc. are being sacrificed.

Cartoon depicts comet of “Cheap Labor” burning across the sky, while capitalists and the press look on with telescopes.

Civilization in the garb of a woman is snipping the queue of a Chinese man, directing him that worn-out traditions must go the in the wake of 19th-century progress.
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