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different ethnic groups in America raising a wall made of bricks named after reasons Chinease were not accepted

EMPLOYER -- “As long as I am plentifully supplied with Immigrant Labor, I shall be deaf to the demands of the native workingman.”
Description: Cartoon depicts a rich industrialist weighing…

Cartoon depicts comet of “Cheap Labor” burning across the sky, while capitalists and the press look on with telescopes.

Cartoon depicts Chinese immigrants entering the country and being hired by Americans, and being taken away on a horse drawn cart to their new job.

Cartoon depicts Chinese students in Chinese school learning English. There is a brief article printed above the illustration. This page is in same envelope as 7572.282

Cartoon depicts the Church, the Republican Party, and the Chinese as unwanted elements.

From a German edition of Puck. The cartoon depicts the deplorable living conditions of the Chinese worker, as compared to the American middle class worker.

Cartoon depicts image of the Chinese with the vote, stuffing the ballot box. Before the Chinese had the vote in U.S.

Civilization in the garb of a woman is snipping the queue of a Chinese man, directing him that worn-out traditions must go the in the wake of 19th-century progress.

Grover Cleveland caricatured as a fat Chinese Buddha, to whom people pay homage and sacrifice. Prosperity, pension and civil service reform , etc. are being sacrificed.
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