A Comical Relief

Discriminating a minority group can be considered an awful practice of showing opposition to the inferior, for instance, but it only worsens when other inferior minority groups also practice in discriminating against the selected minority group. The Chinese were considered so different to American society that even other minority groups (who were also considered different) thought the Chinese were far from similar or ever being able to assimilate to the American culture.

Why do you want a divorce, Chief?

"...But when me plant Indian and me get Chinaman...me get divorce!"

The irony of this postcard is pure entertainment and satisfaction to the American public during this time in that other minority groups, who also are treated as inferior, are in agreement of the extent of inferiority and differences the Chinese pertain. In the image, even the highly considered minority in the United States, the Native American man does not want affiliation with the Chinese. The Chief is petitioning for a divorce saying that because he got a Chinese baby when he "plant[ed] Indian" he wishes to no longer be married and to be relieved of his responsibility of affiliating with the Chinese.

From the entire society including different minorities, races, political parties, etc, the Chinese seem to be unwanted by all. Here (left), the postcard depicts how children even discriminate against the Chinese! In the picture, two white younger boys are lighting a firework to the end of the working Chinese laundry man's ponytail. They laugh in amusement as the Chinese man to them too serves as pure entertainment through the acts of discrimination.