Mary A. Campbell

When studying ones’ life we can come across many challenges. We often find the information we need and most of the time we don’t find it. This project has taught me how to deal with limited information and make it broad. To begin with, Mary Ann Campbell was born on April 9th, 1853 in Ontario, Canada. Both of her parents were from Ireland and it’s not known when they migrated to Canada. In 1884 Mary got married to Abram Andrews. In 1887 the Andrews’ family migrated to Michigan. During her marriage, the couple had five children. In the 1910 census, she lived with her husband and her two sons. The family had their own farm, which her husband and her oldest son, Lindley managed it. Mary herself didn’t have a profession but was a housewife instead. At the age of 64 Mary died. Examining her death certificate, unfortunately, due to the rough cursive it’s hard to read the cause of her death.