Alice Jenison 1860 Census

The First Census listing Alice

Alice Jenison 1870 Census

1870 Census

Alice Jenison 1880 Census

1880 Census

Alice C. Jenison was born as Alice Glendora Cowles in approximatly 1856. Despite the fact that her gravestone and death certificate list her birthyear as  1860, Alice was already four years old by the time she was recorded in the 1860 census. There were five other people in the houshold at the time including two people with dissimilar last names.

Her 1870 Census schedule indicates that she was 14 years old and attending school. At this point there were 6 other people living in the house including her father, mother and two sisters. A domestic servent and Laborer were also living in the house, although it's uncertain if these were workers for the cowles or just other relatives living in the dwelling working elsewhere. 

The 1880 census is more difficult to read but shows that Alice got married to Nelson F. Jenison and changed her name to Alice C Jenison by the time it was recorded. It is interesting that she changed her middle name as well in the marriage. Maybe Alice wanted to changed her middle name in order to keep the last name of Cowles or perhaps she wasn't fond of Glendora since she eliminated it altogether. 

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