Frederick Cowles Jenison


Marriage Record for Frederic Cowles Jenison

Frederick was 36 years old when he got married in 1918, 3 years after the death of his mother. The marriage record lists Edith Antonette Thompson, a clerk, as his wife. Frederick followed in his father's footsteps and went into Insurance and real estate. Perhaps that is how he found his wife. They never had any children but Frederick did seeem to inherit some of his mother's propensity for taking pride in their history.

Frederick applied to be part of The Sons of the Revolution which acknowledged the descendents of those who fought in the revolutionary war. The application lists his mother as an ancestor but the application lists Hopestill Jenison on his father's side. Hopestill apparently served as a sergeant in the American Revolution (The Michigan Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 1935).

As we will find out shortly, Alice  also had an ancestor who served in the American revolution meaning that Frederick Had ancestors in the Revolutionary War on both sides. It is interesting that he only listed his father's side of the family even with his mother's involvment in the Daughters of the Revoluiton. 

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