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The Reed Family

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Top- Abe, Eunice, Russ, Elva, Don, Grover, Jim
Bottom- Betty, Grover (Father), Paul, Elizabeth (Mother), Marv, Esther

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Charles J Davis


Charles J. Davis, mayor of Lansing from 1879-1899, was a Canadian born immigrant to the United States who worked his way up from modest standings as a lumberman in Saginaw county to the mayor of Lansing in the late 1890s. Charles Davis was born in 1845 in Canada, presumably a single child, to two unnamed parents. In 1874 he married Amelia Hurd, and the two settled in Lansing. He was survived by his two children, Anna and Samuel, both of whom appear to have died childless. Mr. Davis was prominent in many social circles around Lansing and a prominent naturalist in central Michigan, as evidenced by his large taxidermy collection at home.

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Kenneth Patenge



I was interested in the unique shape of the family plot stone for the Patenge and decided to see if any information might explain its bench like shape that over looked two simple lawn markers. While I came no closer to answering my initial question I did gain a greater insight into an interesting individual.


John Tooker

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John S. Tooker was born to Eliphalet and Sarah Tooker on July 7, 1834 in Seneca, New York. He had six brothers and 4 sisters. John and his family moved to Michigan sometime before 1940. In 1941, John's mother died of an unknown illness. After his mother's death, John lived with one of his brother, Smith, in Lansing, Michigan. John married Emma L. Haze in October of 1861. By 1862, John had joined the 6th Regiment of the Michigan Cavalry and fought for the Union during the Civil War with the rank of First Sergeant. On March 28, 1865, John’s son Clyde was born in Lansing. On May 30, 1869, Emma Tooker died and was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Lansing. In 1872, John was elected Mayor of Lansing. He was reelected in 1873 and 1876. In 1874, John married his second wife, Agnes Edwards. By April 1884 John was appointed by President Arthur as Secretary of the Territory of Montana. John Tooker died on September 23, 1915 in Montana at the age of 81. His body was brought back to Michigan and is now buried in Mount Hope Cemetery alongside his wives, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson.  

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James Henry Moores


James Henry Moores was a businessman born on April 2, 1846 in Ohio who moved to Lansing, Michigan. He was very wealthy, made evident by the pictures that exist of him, his many business ventures, his ability to move around the country, and his massive donation to the city of Lansing. Twice married, there is little information about his person and family life. He built a name for himself in the city of Lansing, through both business and kindness to the citizens. This culminated in his donation of Moores Park to the city in 1908, as well as further additions to it.

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Alice Jenison


Alice Cowles Jenison was part of a family with some of the earliest members in the Lansing community. She demonstrated a personal stake in preserving the historical legacy of the community. Alice did this through her work as a Daughter of the American Revolution and her fight for the preservation of Old College Hall at Michigan State University. 

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James J. Baird

1900 United States Federal Census - Ancestry.pdf

Information obtained on one James J. Baird, an Ohio born banker who eventually moved to Michigan. He started by working in a saloon with his family, before marrying his wife Irene and starting his career and even becoming president of the Lansing Business Men's Association. This information was obtained thanks to Federal Census's as well as the 1867-1995 Michigan Deaths and Burials Index and the 1882-1995 U.S. Cities Directory. 

Mary A. Campbell

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When studying ones’ life we can come across many challenges. We often find the information we need and most of the time we don’t find it. This project has taught me how to deal with limited information and make it broad. To begin with, Mary Ann Campbell was born on April 9th, 1853 in Ontario, Canada. Both of her parents were from Ireland and it’s not known when they migrated to Canada. In 1884 Mary got married to Abram Andrews. In 1887 the Andrews’ family migrated to Michigan. During her marriage, the couple had five children. In the 1910 census, she lived with her husband and her two sons. The family had their own farm, which her husband and her oldest son, Lindley managed it. Mary herself didn’t have a profession but was a housewife instead. At the age of 64 Mary died. Examining her death certificate, unfortunately, due to the rough cursive it’s hard to read the cause of her death. 

Fernando Cortez Beaman

Fernando Cortez Beaman was born in Chester, Vt on June 28, 1814. Prominent roles he played included being the representative for Michigan's 1st congressional district (1863-1865); and the representative for Michigan's 2nd congressional district (1861-1863). A prominent local lawyer and politician. Cortez played a great role in helping find the modern Republican Party. As member of the convention that helped create the Republican Party in what was known as the “under the oaks” at Jackson, Mich., in 1854.

Col. Frederick Schneider

At first glance the tombstone of Col. Frederick Schneider caught my eye due to its massive size and the unique sword and reef family crest. After further review of the tombstone I saw he was a high ranked army officer, a colonel. Immediately I was intrigued and wanted to know how his life personal and military life to unfolded.