The Michigan Cemeteries project was created as part of Dr. Stacey L. Camp's ANP 461: Historical Archaeology Method & Theory course during the fall 2017 semester. The goal of the project is for students in the class to learn how to locate, critically analyze, and write a narrative from primary and secondary historical documents. They do so by researching an individual interred at a local cemetery, although a few students have chosen to do family genealogy as an alternative submission.

James Henry Moores


James Henry Moores was a businessman born on April 2, 1846 in Ohio who moved to Lansing, Michigan. He was...

Fernando Cortez Beaman

Fernando Cortez Beaman was born in Chester, Vt on June 28, 1814. Prominent roles he played included being the representative...

Alice Jenison


Alice Cowles Jenison was part of a family with some of the earliest members in the Lansing community. She demonstrated...

Kenneth Patenge


I was interested in the unique shape of the family plot stone for the Patenge and decided to see if...

Mary A. Campbell

Census .jpg

When studying ones’ life we can come across many challenges. We often find the information we need and most of...

The Reed Family

Reed Familiy.jpg

Top- Abe, Eunice, Russ, Elva, Don, Grover, JimBottom- Betty, Grover (Father), Paul, Elizabeth (Mother), Marv, Esther

James J. Baird

1900 United States Federal Census - Ancestry.pdf

Information obtained on one James J. Baird, an Ohio born banker who eventually moved to Michigan. He started by working...

Charles J Davis


Charles J. Davis, mayor of Lansing from 1879-1899, was a Canadian born immigrant to the United States who worked his...

John Tooker

John Tooker.JPG

John S. Tooker was born to Eliphalet and Sarah Tooker on July 7, 1834 in Seneca, New York. He had...