Earl Little's Death: E. Michigan Ave and Detroit St.

The site of the death of Earl Little in 1931.

Malcolm X was known as a leader nationwide and he promoted Black nationalism to black communities.  As a child, he was able to experience firsthand the problems that were occurring in the black community. Malcolm X’s father, Earl Little was a preacher and a Garveyite. A Garveyite is a person who believes in the teachings of Marcus Garvey who believed in the right to advocate for the separation of the black race economically and politically and to the form separate black states (Malcolm X, Autobiography).

Malcolm’s father was very influential on Malcolm as a kid. Earl Little taught his teachings of Garveyism to those who came to the meetings he would host after church. Earl would take Malcolm along with him. ("The Age of Garvey"). This could be a part of the reason why Malcolm was such an amazing orator.

On September 28, 1931 Malcolm X’s father Earl Little was run over by a streetcar in Lansing. Earl Little was found barely alive on the streets of E. Michigan Ave and Detroit St. He was taken to the hospital and later died. Malcolm’s father was allegedly murdered by the Black Legion, which was a racist terrorist group that was located in Lansing (Seeking Michigan: Malcolm X in Michigan).

This is an important event in Malcolm’s life because this tragedy probably shaped Malcolm’s views on how black people were treated and the constant injustices they faced. (Malcolm X, Autobiography).