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Speech before the Civil Right Mass Meeting, Washington, D. C. (specifically page 7 and 8)

frederick douglass speech.gif
The beginning of Frederick Douglass's speech regarding the passing of the Civil Rights Cases of 1883.


[Frederick Douglass] / C.F. Conly Photographer, 465 Washington St., Boston.

portrait of frederick douglass.jpg
Reproduction of a portrait of Frederick Douglass


The Saginaw Evening News

saginaw newspaper.pdf
The Saginaw Evening News (out of Saginaw, Michigan) published on October 17th, 1883.


The Weekly Messenger. Volume XI, May 23, 1896

plessy vs ferguson newspaper 1.pdf
A portion of a newspaper that includes a reaction to the Plessy vs Ferguson ruling in 1896.


Civil Rights Act of 1875

A photo of the Civil Rights Act of 1875


The First Colored Senator and Representatives, in the 41st and 42nd Congress of the United States.

african american men in government.PNG
The lithograph depicts a group of seven African American men who were members of the 41st and 42nd Congress of the United States. It was possible for these men to join Congress after the passing of the 15th Amendment, which granted that men of any…