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[Yard of tenement, New York, N.Y.] [graphic].

yard of tenement.jpg
State Historical Society of Colorado;


The Tenement-House Committee maps

No. 1. Map of City of New York showing densities of population in the several sanitary districts, June 1, 1894 -- No. 2. Map of City of New York showing the distribution of Principal nationalities by sanitary districts.


Erie Canal at Salina Street, Syracuse

erie canal.jpg
State Historical Society of COlorado


Ellis Island

ellis island.jpg
1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller


The Herald of relief from America

thomas nast 2.jpg
Woman, on shore of Ireland, holding up a sign for help to American ships; her foot rests on rock enscribed "we are starving". Family huddled behind her.


Which color is to be tabooed next?

thomas nast.jpg
Cartoon concerning Irish and Chinese immigration to the United States, showing "Fritz" and "Pat" seated at table talking.