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The king of the combinations

king of standard oil.jpg
Illustration shows John D. Rockefeller wearing a huge crown and robe, standing on an oil storage tank labeled "Standard Oil", and glaring at the viewer. The crown is adorned with railroad cars, oil tanks, and the names of four railroad companies:…


"Killed in committee"

Illustration shows Nelson W. Aldrich as a large spider on a cobweb labeled "Senate Committee Room" spread between the U.S. Capitol and a "Standard Oil" tower, on which several flies labeled "Anti-Trust Bill, Free Alcohol Bill, House Bill, Philippine…


No lack of big game : The President seems to have scared up quite a bunch of octopi

standard oil octopus.jpg
Newspaper clipping of cartoon showing Theodore Roosevelt, dressed as a Rough Rider, aiming a rifle at two octupi scurrying away, one labeled "Beef Trust" and the other labeled "Standard Oil Trust," as a bird labeled "Hard Coal Trust" flies away.


The infant Hercules and the Standard Oil serpents

Illustration shows Theodore Roosevelt as the infant Hercules fighting large snakes with the heads of Nelson W. Aldrich and John D. Rockefeller.


General View, Standard Oil - Richmond, California

Standard Oil - Richmond, California.jpg
Standard Oil Company - Facilities