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Join a Sheep Club

Sheep Club (2).jpg
Poster encouraging children to join sheep clubs to help clothe soldiers of the world war.

Penmanship Class at Carlisle Indian School

handwriting class.jpg
Students are taking a penmanship class at Carlisle Indian School.

For Every Fighter, A Woman Worker

Second Line of Defense YWCA.jpg
Y.W.C.A. Poster for working women

Columbia Calls

Columbia Calls.jpg
Advertisement for the US army

Wake Up America!

Wake Up America.jpg
Lady Liberty is sleeping on America.

Jacob Riis

Jacob Riis portrait .jpg
1 photographic print. | Half-length portrait, seated, facing right.

Sewing pants for the trade in a Gotham Court "flat," about 1890

Sewing Pants (by Riis).jpg
Women and two girls working in tenement, New York City.

Street Arabs in "sleeping quarters"

Sleep Quarters (by Riis).jpg
Photograph shows three boys sleeping on doorstep, New York City.

The Tenement-House Committee maps

On verso: text, 2 smaller maps "Map of the of City of New York", showing density of population by wards, and a bird's-eye view of the Cotton States and International Exposition, Atlanta, Georgia; image of C.A. Collier, President and Director-General…