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"Big Bill" Haywood in Russia

haywood in russia.jpg
Photograph of three IWW leaders

"Lochner v. New York" Oyez

Oyez is a very brief survey style resource that briefly summarizes the case, and lists the judges involved in the case, and breaks down how they ruled in the case. This is helpful both because it shows an early starting point of the research. It also…

"Rufus Peckham" Oyez

This is a very very short description of the life and times of Rufus Peckham. On some level in is entirely inadequate for the discussion in this presentation. However it does capture the modern discourse around him. Writing him off as lacking any…

A Model Office Seeker

The cartoon shows Charles J. Guiteau with a gun, and a note that reads "AN OFFICE OR YOUR LIFE!". The caption reads: "A Model Office Seeker".