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The king of the combinations

king of standard oil.jpg
Illustration shows John D. Rockefeller wearing a huge crown and robe, standing on an oil storage tank labeled "Standard Oil", and glaring at the viewer. The crown is adorned with railroad cars, oil tanks, and the names of four railroad companies:…


Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph.jpg
Picture of Chief Joseph

The Effects of Assimilation

After Indian Schools.jpg
A picture of an Indian boy after the effects of boarding schools had taken effect

Richard Henry Pratt

Richard Henry Pratt.jpg
Picture of the founder of the first Indian boarding school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Map of Indian Reservations in 1888

Map of Indian Reservations.jpg
Resource is a map of Indian reservations that Indians of the West were forced upon. Highlighted in tan these areas include majorities of Oklahoma, Arizona, and the Dakotas with spaced-out areas in Montana, Washington, Minnesota, Utah, Colorado, and…

Nez Perce Reservation and Flight of Non-Treaty Members

Nez Perce Map.jpg
Resource is an image of the United States showcasing route of exiles after surrender before the Canadian border and the location of Colville, Umatilla, and Nez Perce Reservations

Great Sioux Reservation as Defined by the Fort Laramie Treaty

Map of Sioux Reservation.jpg
Map showcasing Indian territory in the Dakotas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, and Colorado. Guidelines set by Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868

1871 Rider to Indian Appropriations Act

1871 Indian Appropriations Act Rider.jpg
Photo of the original document