The World War I American Homefront

The United States was not directly involved in the First World War for the first couple years, but that does not mean that Americans were not heavily devoted to the cause and effected by what was called “The Great War.”  The American WWI home front is often overlooked due to a focus on WWII’s history.  This first world war, however, has many similar aspects that the home front would see in about twenty years with the emergence of the second world war.  The United States saw heightened patriotism, propaganda, rationing and bond, volunteerism, and increased women in the workforce during this period.  It is no coincidence that these similar concepts were seen on the WWII home front. Women, who are often seen as sitting back while the men went and died and fought, were actually heavily involved in the fight.  They and their children sacrificed their time and money to benefit not only the Americans, but the United States’ allies overseas who were fighting in an unprecedented kind of war.  Sacrifices on the American homefront made victory in Europe possible. 


Claire Smith