JP Morgan: Progressive Era Entrepreneurial Titan

In this exhibit I set out to answer the question: was James Pierpont Morgan the most influential economic force of the progressive era?  I believe I answered that question with a resounding yes through highlighting his achievements in a chronological manner.  Despite wanting to retire in 1873, his father refusing to allow him to do that launched J.P. on a course of accumulating one of the largest individual estates in American history.  His father's death in 1890 gave him sole control of his firm that he would use to dominate the railroad, steel, banking and insurance industries in New York City as well as internationally.  His political power was also nearly unmatched by a non politician as it’s believed his actions and leadership steered the United States out of the Panic of 1893 as well as the Panic of 1907.  In my exhibit it is clearly demonstrated what a force we was and how he is unquestionably the powerful individual economically of the progressive era.


Sean Leonard