Interstate Commerce Act of 1887

     After the end of the American Civil War, in 1865, the United States went through an economic and industiral change the world had not seen before. As the country was recovering from a nation wide divide, their were opportunities to advance the country in almost every way. American business, as we know today, was born during this period setting the foundation for the the industrial powerhouse the country would become. A key factor in this economic expansion was the mass migration out west. Thousands of people around the world looked to inhabit these rich lands and create a better lives for themselves and their families.

     The US began to develope extremely rapidly as families looked to settle down and take advatange of these rich lands they lived on. As all these events began to transpire, issues arose that the the US government had not fully dealt with before. Up until this point, government regulation on private busines was practically non exisent. The federal government left business regulation up to the states as their was not a demand for a large regulation over private business affairs. This all changed when the federal government in 1887 introduced the Interstate Commerce Act. The Interstate Commerce Act introced regulation of business spreading out west and created a precednt in United States law that let federal government interfene in interstate commerce. 


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