One Type of Man

The first I heard of Indian Boarding Schools was through my intro-level social work class. We discussed the later repercussions that these schools had on its students and the Native American population as a whole. The population deals with heavy substance abuse and addiction due to their lack of identity to their tribes. This sensation is felt because many of their parents and grandparents attended boarding schools in their youth and lost much of the knowledge of their heritage. For these reasons, I find it necessary that there is more education to the general public about the Indian Boarding Schools and their effect on the Native American populations today. 

The focus is on Richard Henry Pratt, the school he created called Carlisle Indian Industrial School, other schools across the nation, and stories from past Carlisle students.

Through these pages, there will be an emphasis on the processes and motives behind the cultural assimilation of Native Americans through Indian Boarding schools as cultural genocide of a native population. The fingers are pointed at the United States government, especially the Bureau of Indian Affairs, as well as Colonel Richard Henry Pratt as the creator of the Carlisle Indian School. With these two forces combined, though not always with the same beliefs, created a cultural genocide of the Native American population. 


Alex Parpart