Impact of $5 A Day

Newspaper Article, "Henry Ford Gives $10,000,000 in 1914 Profits to His Employes"

Newpaper from January 5, 1914. 

Ford Motor Company Publication, "Factory Facts from Ford," 1915

Pamphlet handed out to Ford Employees working for $5 a day with the conditions they had to follow. 

Ford saw many benefits to the increased production rates he was getting with the assembly line and the new pay increase. He made an impact on the economy. By producing more cars he had a bigger profit. This basically became a system because of the profit increase he paid his employees better wages which then in turn got spent in other markets such as the housing market, transportation market, and tourism.14 The pay increase also helped the quality of life increase as women and children did not have to work because the families could now afford to live off the singe salary. Ford made more families apart of the middle class allowing them to experience some of these luxuries like traveling. The middle class increased in size as he hired 52,000 new employees.15

Impact of $5 A Day